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Posted by - 9 December, 2016 - Marketing Strategy

Christmas is around the corner and Trinis are in the Christmas shopping mood! What to buy? Where to go? Is it the right gift? These are the questions that people are asking – and these are the questions that advertisers are seeking to capitalize on.

The beginning of December is the right moment to decide what to purchase; at least in theory. In reality, everybody knows that Christmas shopping is a very last minute affair – except for on-line shoppers and ‘super shoppers’, as some people call them. But who are these so-called ‘super shoppers? Human beings just like the rest of us, but with special radars tuned into the digital marketplace. Their mission is to identify the perfect gift not only from a financial point of view, but also from a qualitative standpoint. Let’s take a closer look.

New options are welcome

Open mindedness and a digitally adventurous spirit are the first characteristics that define super shoppers. They are certainly not shy when it comes to taking a chance on new brands or on new products being promoted online. Quite often super shoppers start off with a generic idea of what they might be looking for online. They seldom know exactly what it is that they are looking for. Rather than fixing their minds onto one particular product, they explore different options through creative decision-making processes that flows and evolves, guided by blogs, opinion pieces, customer reviews, and a plethora of online resources that they – the super shoppers – are not afraid to investigate and pay attention to.

 Bargain-searching thirst for information

The more information th
ey find online, the more they want. Super shoppers don’t stop on the surface, they go deep, and – when they sniff useful information – they go deeper. They are not quitters; they are hunters. They will not call quits until they have found the perfect product, the ideal gift. It’s all about making the right choice, and they are determined to make it. They are willing and prepared to take all the time necessary to read, research and understand all there is to know about a given brand or product. They have a bargain-searching thirst for information. And yes, in the end, they will find the best deals out there.  

Mobile is their lifestyle

Mobile devices lie at the epicentre of their soul. Internet is always a finger touch away. There is always time to make a last-minute decision, to change one’s mind, to make a final call based on an unexpected piece of information found while surfing the web with one hand, while trying to pick out the perfect gift with the other.

So where does all this leave us, advertisers and marketing experts? The question for marketing specialists and for brands with a strong online presence is how to best approach super shoppers, how to win them over and – maybe most importantly – when to hit them with the perfect deal. Timing is everything. It’s all about giving super shoppers the right information at the right time. It’s about feeding them the breakthrough idea for the perfect Christmas gift, just when they were craving it the most.

‘Remarketing’ is what is needed. It is no longer sufficient to market a product once, in such a way that it fits perfectly the wishes and desires of a given target audience. Super shoppers cannot be boxed into a target audience category; they are too fluid for that. Capturing their attention thus requires remarketing processes, which doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch, but can be as easy as adding depth to the original marketing strategy; for instance by enriching product pages with customer reviews, YouTube videos, blog articles, and other such resources that will help inspire the confidence that super shoppers need to feel that they are making the best informed decision possible.

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