Marketing Events in the Twitterverse

Posted by - 9 July, 2012 - Blog, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

There is no denying that Facebook has penetrated the psyche of Trinbago culture almost as much as the Internet itself, and remains the preferred social media outlet for the majority of Trinidadian internet users. The disadvantage to this is that we overlook other social media as a means to marketing an upcoming event. We are in the height of summer party season, and event marketing on facebook is borderline excessive.

Curious, I searched a few upcoming events—found nothing, nada, zip. It’s high time for the events industry to start capitalizing on twitter as a way to build momentum and get a good buzz going. Here’s how:

  1. Create a #hashtag, and make it STICK. Start using it in all of your posts, and feature it in all forms of marketing for the event.
  2. Give the event its own twitter account. Make sure your “Follow Us on Twitter” message is everywhere– creating credibility, exposure, and  a hotline of sorts for the event.
  3. Mix it up a little! Try to vary your tweets. Announce new performers or sponsors, post twitpics, big up the DJ, or even ask questions–Twitterfolk in particular like to feel their opinion is valued.
  4. @RT! Ask that people retweet with the simple phrase, “RT please!”—you’d be surprised at the results!
  5. Make use of your committee. By asking them to promote the event via retweeting and using the hashtag, you’re leveraging users with substantial reach who will hit precisely the right target market for your event.
  6. Link your posts to your website/facebook page. Make it easy for people to pull up the event and get a better understanding of what it’s about.

So many times we watch events in Trinidad suffer a dismal turnout, despite having the all makings for a success…simply because of poor PR integration. Planners take too long to shape an event’s strategy and positioning, and social media marketing in particular is often last minute, haphazard and ineffective. So my last tip is, doh stick! Marketing through twitter takes time—the PR strategy should be built-in from the get go rather than at the 11th hour (for which we Trinis are notorious!)

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  • Bjorn Stodart

    well done SJ :) looking forward to more blogs on #pepperEvents

  • Interesting post…Been saying this for some time.
    Events’ businesses don’t seem to fully embrace social media as a marketing tool as yet. 

    Will be sharing this