How do you make up your mind on where to work?

Posted by - 24 July, 2014 - Ad Industry

When I first started working, there was no question about working for yourself.   My mother drilled into us that we needed to go work for someone, preferably a strong established company like Neal & Massey.  So when I started pepper 9 years ago I did so without  an entrepreneurial bone in my body.  I think we have progressed from those dark ages when only a few could/would consider starting a business.

Another development is working off-site or some portion of the week from a location that’s not the office.  The digital folks, more comfortable working at 2:00am than 2:00pm have led this movement and are helping to change how we define work hours, spaces and working relationships.

Nowadays I think people want to work in a place where they feel comfortable.   Where they think they can learn something and develop themselves.  They want to feel valued and that they are part of something good.  Some of them want to work on their own time detached from the 8 to 4.

What about you?  What do you look for in work?

  • Kathryn

    definitely the artistically driven 2am sort of person who is struggling to adapt to normal sleep patterns for the sake of work.

  • I want to devote my time, energy and skills to an organisation which is committed to improving the efficiency, productivity, profitability and quality of life, and is a leader in their industry; a company that applies innovative, creative and dynamic solutions which are interesting and stimulating, and is client focused, delivering quality products and developing sustainable relationships. Creativity, productivity, integrity, adaptability and balance are values which are important to me and I want to work for an organisation whose values are aligned with mine.

    My ideal work environment is one which is creative, challenging, rewarding and allows me to feel accomplished and fulfilled at the end of the day. It is a team oriented and collaborative space with a transparent and open form of communication, where ideas are heard and employees are given a chance to grow and improve with the proper tools and support. The organisation I would like to work for creates an environment which is training and development-focused and has a clear roadmap for training employees to sustain and enhance the productivity of the organisation as a whole.

    I am looking for an innovative work environment which encourages a healthy work-life balance and fuels imaginative thinking, where I can associate with others who make positive contributions to the world and who aspire to teach, learn, give, support, care, grow, improve, build and create. The way I see it, a person’s sense of well being and productivity is directly related to their work environment, professional outlook and sense of self. If a person is happy and feels a sense of purpose they are true to themselves, able to tap into their creativity and be truly productive.