Why? Why? Why?

Posted by - 18 November, 2016 - Ad Industry, Blog, Digital Marketing, Off-Topic, Traditional Advertising

O.K. corporate T&T. I have had enough!!! STOP IT NOW!

In your radio or television ads, when you want the audience to know about your website, there is no need to say, “Visit us at w.w.w. dot…..” It’s a given!!!!

The World Wide Web is 27 years old and by now, everyone doing a Google search knows that they just have to type the title of their search in the search engine, without putting www and they will get to their desired page. The www is auto filled. We are not in 2002 when the technology was new.

It sounds quite dumb to be honest. So please, please, PLEASE!!!!! just say, “Visit us online at your business name dot com” and we will know what to do.

I will be listening.

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